Show Hosts: Rachel Leslie and Leah Peretz

Where: Fremont, Nebraska

When: March 17, 2018

Show hall opens at 8:00 AM, classes begin at 9:00 AM


We are currently looking for judges! Please send us an email at if you're interested. Judges get a discounted table and can show in divisions that they are not judging.

OF Traditional & Mini: Jennifer Kay De Bruin

CM Traditional & Mini: Rachel Leslie

AR: Leah Peretz

OF Performance: Leah Peretz

CM Performance: Molly Pengra


For an extra fee with your entry, we will be providing lunch! Stay tuned for more information on our lunch options and feel free to bring up any dietary needs in your entry form that we will try to accomodate.


There will be a raffle table at the show where you can buy tickets to get a chance at winning items that have been graciously donated to us! The ticket sales will help us cover the costs of the show.

Along with NAN qualifying halter and performance classes, Halfway Live will have fun classes throughout the day! Classes include a NAAN qualifying class called "Breads of the World" for all your purebread horses and St. Patrick's Day themed classes where your luckiest horses, fantasy-based models, horses that are all the colors of the rainbow, and more can win fun prizes. These classes are purely optional and are just for fun!

Fun classes


  1. Payment of the entry fee must be made in advance. No payments will be accepted the day of the show.

  2. Each shower is allowed to enter three (3) models per class. If you would like to enter more than the allowed amount, you may “buy in” extra models by placing a dollar bill next to them on the table when their class is called.

  3. Models may not cross-enter classes within the same halter division. You may only enter each model in one halter class - no exceptions.

  4. Do not handle anyone else’s models without their express permission. Any damage you cause to other shower’s models is expected to be paid for by you.

  5. Proxy showing is allowed with a maximum amount of five (5) horses at an entry fee of $5 per horse. You must designate a person present at the show to show them for you.

  6. Tack that is not molded onto a model is not allowed in halter classes.

  7. Judges may split classes at their discretion.

  8. If a class is split, do not add any more horses to the class.

  9. Once a class is closed, no other entries may be added.

  10. Please do not distract the judges while they are judging classes. If you have questions, wait until a gap between classes.

  11. The judge’s decision is final and may not be disputed. Remember - it is their opinion. Arguing or complaining about the judges and placings will not be tolerated.

  12. Judges may only show in divisions they themselves are not judging.


  1. Models will be identified by using string tags tied around the model’s leg or placed next to the model if it cannot be tied to the leg.

  2. Each tag must include the horse’s breed and gender on one side and the horse’s name and your show initials on the other side. Horses are subject to disqualification if the tag is facing on the initials side when put in the show ring. Please be sure the breed side of the tag is facing up!

  3. If a model you are showing cannot stand, you may lay it on the table to be judged. It is assumed the judge is allowed to pick up the model and inspect it.

  4. OF refers to models that are as-is from the factory with no modifications.

  5. Mini classes are for models that are curio scale or smaller (such as Stablemates, Chips, and Paddock Pals). Minis are not allowed to be shown in non-mini classes.

  6. Models that are not picked up from the table two classes after their class has been pinned will be sent to the “Pony Pound” where the owner can pick it up.

  7. Documentation may not exceed 8.5” x 11” and any that does exceed this limit is liable to being removed from the table by the judge.

  8. Judges may narrow classes by placing a marker down next to any number of models they see fit and ask showers to remove models from the class that are not marked.

  9. Horses must be a realistic breed and color. Fantasy equids (such as, but not limited to, pegasi, unicorns, decorators, and similar) are not allowed.

  10. Models will be awarded paper ribbons from first to sixth place, and results recorded from first to second place. Since we are NAMHSA approved, models who place first or second in their class will also receive a NAN card that will qualify them for nationals. Rosettes will be awarded to sectional and divisional champions and reserve champions.

Show Hall Rules

  1. Please do not run within the show hall. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid bumping into other people’s tables.

  2. Once again, do not touch or handle other people’s models without their express permission.

  3. Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited inside the show hall.

  4. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the show hall.

  5. Pets are not allowed inside the show hall. The only exception to this rule is pets that require medication during the show or service animals. These must be approved prior to the show by the show holders.

  6. Excessive use of foul language or poor sportsmanship will result in being asked to leave the show hall.

  7. Taking photos of the show and horses is highly encouraged. It is always a good idea to ask other shower’s permission to photograph their models.

  8. Entrants are allowed to sell models and merchandise from their table, however extra table space to do so will not be provided by the show holders.